Oh Well. We are through black Friday and it does deserve to be called “black”.

The death toll is three individuals. First was Wal-Mart employee that was stepped to death and the second was shooting at Toy’s Russ that left two men dead.

So what do we have at the end of the day?

Shoppers that flooded Wal-Mart and killed employee that was trying to calm unruly mob can be compared to cattle. Think, more then 200 people ran over the guy without any feelings or a passion towards the man that was on the floor. The only thing that cattle had in mind was discounted merchandise.

The conditioning of the public through cultivating shopping, as the only means for happiness, has reached unprecedented levels. It is imperative that we stop here and think how did we get to this point and how are we going to get out of it.

We need to reclaim our values and spend time with families at homes instead of buying gifts in retail stores and falling into the holiday rush. According to US Bureau of Statistics, an average American purchases 100 things a year. 99 of them will end up in the garbage in the first six months. The time that you spent shopping for those 99 items is the time that you steal from yourself, children, parents and spouses. 

How do we let ourselves being downgraded to a herd?  What do we do to lift the bars of the prison?

Do you remember what media told you after 11th of September of 2001?   No?  I will refresh you memory. They told you “Go shopping”.

The very first thing you should do is to accept that you are in prison of impulsive shopping. Once you realize that, you can plot an escape.

Turn off your TV. Everything there is telling you that you suck and need to go shopping. Call your parents instead and talk to them.  Spend time with your children. Spend time with yourself. Listen to your emotional background noise that you are trying to stop with the stress relief pills and other drugs that keep pharmaceutical companies in business. Their goal is to keep you on the leash. Do not fall in that trap.

It hurts to see this picture.
 If you don’t feel anything after reading this then you are a newly conditioned robot. Welcome into reality of consumption camp. 

You need to sell more of your labor to make more money, to buy more unnecessary things.
 Let me be the first one to welcome you to the circle of slavery.

Final Thoughts.

Stop. Calm down. Take a deep breath. Do not fall in the mainstream. Cattle have a collective thinking that is embedded by a shepherd - Television. You are a personality, an individual, an intellectual. You are a free thinking human being. Everything that is made to condition your mind should be repelled away by the inner wisdom within you.  You are a seeking individual with a curious mind, not the cattle that needs guidance.


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12/16/2010 15:11

If you're first in line at a Black Friday sale and go stampeding in at 4:00 sharp when the doors open, then please, please do me a favor. GET A LIFE and get your priorities straight. If people are gonna die because of others' clumsiness so we can celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, then really, GET A LIFE. People disgust me sometimes. They're selfish, arrogant, and sick. This is why... James Puetz of Fairview, Maryland strangled a woman in a Best Buy because she wouldn't let go of a camera, nearly killing a mother of four, FOR A CAMERA. After he was arrested, he remarked, "She [the woman] wouldn't let go. What else could I do?" James, I hope she enjoys her camera, and hope you have a Merry Christmas playing with the camera attached to the wall of your prison cell. Please people, calm down. The best Christmas present you can re-gift is other peoples' lives, 'cause you know Who gave the present of life first to everyone. And He doesn't want to see His Jane Doe get trampled any more than you want see your PS3 get trampled. And it really sucks if that happened on your birthday. It happens every year for God.


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